How do I associate an Exchange 5.5 mailbox with an existing account when migrating from Exchange 5.5 (NETIQKB29385)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 02-May-2008


How do I associate an Exchange 5.5 mailbox with an existing account when migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 5.5 inter-org?

Exchange Migrator 2.x


To successfully associate an E5.5 mailbox with an existing AD account created by Domain Migration Administ (DMA), perform the following:

  1. Migrate the Windows NT accounts to Active Directory using DMA or MS ADMT.
  2. Run the Translate Security for Exchange Mailboxes Wizard. This changes the Primary NT Account property of the source (unmigrated) E5.5 mailboxes from the source domain account to the new (migrated) domain account. 
  3. Migrate the mailboxes with the Associate each migrated mailbox with an existing Windows NT user account option in Exchange Migrator. 
    • This is a default option in the Specify Migration Options Wizard. 
    • Using this option allows the E5.5 mailboxes to be migratied without creating additional (Duplicate) user accounts in the target domain.  Because the mailboxes were already associated with the target account, no further action is required in regards to linking the target accounts with the target (migrated) mailboxes.


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