What are event IDs 14218 and 14219 in the Application Log of the Directory and Resource Administrato (NETIQKB29317)

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What are event IDs 14218 and 14219 in the Application Log of the Directory and Resource Administrator server?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


The event code 14218 refers to the start of the domain cache refresh. Event ID 14219 refers to the 'domain cache' finishing. 

When a domain cache occurs it collects information pertaining to the configuration of managed domains. It includes the names of new trusted domains as well as domain controllers that have come online since the previous domain cache refresh. A domain cache contains domain configuration data including:

  • All DCs in the managed and trusted domains
  • The DC used to refresh the accounts cache
  • The DC used to manage the domain

Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) automatically refreshes the domain cache when the Administration server starts and while it can take a few minutes (as stated in the product documentation) to refresh, it should be available to the user interfaces.  The Administration server refreshes the domain cache for only DCs that are available when the refresh occurs. The default refresh is scheduled for every four hours. If a scheduled cache refresh fails, it is automatically rescheduled to retry again in an hour. If this does occur it may have an impact on performance.

Please note however, that for DRA to have the most up-to-date information regarding domains, the domain cache refresh should be scheduled as frequently as possible.

The following are some points to note when scheduling/managing domain cache refreshes (this information is available in the built-in DRA help menu):

  • If a new DC is installed, DRA will not know about it until a domain cache refresh occurs. However, if a new DC is installed you can always perform a manual domain cache refresh.
  • If the DC that manages your domain becomes unavailable, the Administration server cannot manage this domain until the DC becomes available again or a domain cache occurs.
  • Trusted domains can be omitted from domain cache refreshes. However, as a result, DRA will not be able to manage objects in these domains.

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