Error: 'Could not parse xml data'. (NETIQKB28280)

  • 7728280
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 27-Nov-2007


VigilEnt Security Agent for Windows 3.2

Error: 'Could not parse xml data'.


There are unknown user(s) in the shutdown system privilege. 


This issue is resolved in version 4.0 of the Vigilent Security Agent for Windows.

WORKAROUND for version 3.2x:

This can be resolved by removing the unknown User IDs from the SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME privilege (aka Users who can shutdown the system).  When checking these locations remember that we drill down into local groups, so the unknown account names may be members of a local group.  Remove the unknown user account(s) from the group(s). 

  • On a Windows 2000 machine or a domain that does not push GPOs this setting is located in the Local Security Policy editor under User Rights.
  • On a Windows 2000 Domain Controller this setting is located in Domain Controller Security Policy under User Rights.
  • For Windows GPO (group policy object) it is located under User Rights.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB28280