The 'Pre-Windows 2000 name' field only allows for a maximum of 14 characters instead of 15 in the We (NETIQKB28063)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 6.60

The 'Pre-Windows 2000 name' field only allows for a maximum of 14 characters instead of 15 in the Web Console.


When a computer account is being created using the Web Console.  The Assistant Admin can enter 15 characters in the Pre-Windows 2000 name field, however as soon as the focus is moved to a different field the Pre-Windows 2000 name is truncated from 15 characters to 14 characters.  The last character entered is dropped and a $ sign is appended instead.

This problem occurs because of the field length restriction in the Web Console.  The Web Console does not take into consideration the $ sign automatically entered for computer accounts in the Pre-Windows 2000 name field.


The above described problem has been corrected in Directory and Resource Administrator version 7.0.  To resolve this issue upgrade to the latest version:

Download: Directory and Resource Administrator (requires username and password)

The following workaround is available if you are running version 6.60

To create a computer account with 15 characters in the Pre-Windows 2000 name field, Assistant Admins can use the Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) MMC interface instead.


To create computer accounts using the Web Console with 15 characters in the Pre-Windows 2000 name field, the ASP file must be modified. Please refer to the following workaround for DRA 6.60:

  1. Launch Windows Explorer on the IIS server running the DRA Web Component.
  2. Browse and select the \Innetpub\wwwroot\DraWeb\WebConsole\BuiltIn\AccountManagement\Computer\ComputerCreate directory.
  3. Copy the file TaskMain.asp.
  4. Paste the file into \Innetpub\wwwroot\DraWeb\WebConsole\Custom\AccountManagement\Computer\ComputerCreate directory.
  5. Open the file in Notepad.
  6. Search for the following text: "Application("Maxlength_Computer_PreW2K")".
  7. Replace that text with "16" so the line reads:
    • FormCtrl.Maxlength = 16
  8. Search for text: "Sub WriteClientScript".
  9. Change the following code: 


    dim sPreW2kMaxLength
    sPreW2kMaxLength = 0
    if IsNumeric(Application("Maxlength_Computer_PreW2K")) then sPreW2kMaxLength = Application("Maxlength_Computer_PreW2K")
    end if


    dim sPreW2kMaxLength
    sPreW2kMaxLength = 16

  10. Select Save from theFile menu and close the file.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB28063