How do I Map and Merge in an IntraForest migration? (NETIQKB28056)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


How do I Map and Merge in an IntraForest migration?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


When performing an IntraForest migration Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) does not allow you to use the Map and Merge Wizard. This is because most IntraForest migrations involve a MOVE operation rather than a COPY. The Move API that is used by DMA does not provide for merging. Please refer to the following knowledge base article for additional information:

An alternative to this would be to use Database Modeling. However, keep in mind that the same stipulation applies. If the tool performs a move then merging on an existing account is not possible.

If DMA is migrating a group and there are still some members of the group that have not yet been migrated, DMA will perform a copy rather than a move. In this case, using database modeling and merging on an existing account would be possible.

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