How do I reprocess EMProfileUpdate to run against MAPI profiles that have previously been updated by (NETIQKB27739)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I manipulate EMProfileUpdate to run against MAPI profiles that have previously been updated by EMProfileUpdate?

Exchange Migrator 2.2 SP1 HF21235

Exchange Migrator 2.3


As of Exchange Migrator 2.2 SP1 HF21235, it is now possible to run EMProfileUpdate more than once for migrated mailboxes.  This is accomplished by adding '-reprocess' to the latter portion of the EMProfileUpdate syntax.

For example:

If EMProfileUpdate.exe exists on the local computer, navigate to the folder containing EMProfileUpdate.exe and the migrated mailboxes list, and enter the following command:

EMProfileUpdate.exe -Reprocess

Running EMProfileUpdate with the -reprocess option may be useful for those who have previously run an older version of EMProfileUpdate, but desire the latest functionality available for EMProfileUpdate.

EMProfileUpdate may also be run from a share or via a logon script.  For more information about running EMProfileUpdate please refer to Appendix B in the product user guide or perform a search for 'EMProfileUpdate' in the online help accessible by selecting Help, Help on Exchange Migrator in the Exchange Migrator MMC.

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