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Will user accounts from other NT 4.0 domains be able to access Windows Terminal Services after the terminal services server has been migrated to the target domain?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


User accounts from other source NT domains can continue to access their Windows Terminal Services (WTS) profiles even if you migrate the WTS server to the target domain.  Please note, that the trusts need to be in place between the target domain and the source domains.  You can use Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) to migrate these trusts to the target domain.

When the user accounts are migrated from the source NT domains, be sure to migrate them with the Translate Windows Terminal Services option selected.  This option is available in the 'Advanced User Options' screen of the migration settings wizard. 

In case you are not able to use this option during the user account migration, DMA comes with a utility that will allow you to translate these profiles after the user account migration. You will find this utility called remoteprof.exe in \Program Files\NetIQ\DMA. The readme file for this utility is located in \Program Files\NetIQ\DMA\Documentation.

Please note, that translating security on a machine, and translating security for WTS profiles, are different processes and must be executed individually. You should not expect that security translation on a machine will translate WTS profiles. Only the process described above can translate WTS profiles.

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