How do I connect and migrate a remote computer with VPN or dial up? (NETIQKB27175)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 10-Jun-2008


How do I connect and migrate a remote computer with VPN or dial up?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) does not have an agent process executable that can be run on a remote computer. We recommend that you log in to the workstation and establish the VPN (or dial-up) connection with a specific account that you do not need to translate security on.  Use this account to maintain the connection while you migrate the computer and translate security on the computer.  This is necessary because DMA cannot translate security on a user profile when that user is logged in.  Also, note that the connection will be lost when the remote computer reboots.

DMA uses RPC communications.  128KB/s is generally the minimum recommended for RPC communication.  Therefore, we don't recommend a 56K dialup.  However, you can use a DSL or cable modem connection.  With a 56K or less dial up connection, we have seen it can take 45 minutes for the agent to install.  Then, after the agent has performed its migration tasks on the remote computer, the agent attempts to write the results back to the DMA console.  However, with a low bandwidth connection this will usually fail.  The user will then have to inspect the remote workstation to verify that the migration and security translation was completed.

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