Output from a Command Line Interface command places field names in front of every attribute instead (NETIQKB27073)

  • 7727073
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 6.60

Output from a Command Line Interface command places field names in front of every attribute instead of displaying them as column headers at the top of the resultant data.


When run in an Enterprise Administrator environment, the command line interface lists field names as column headers when the output of the command is dumped to a delimited text file.  An example of this command and the resultant output is as follows:

  • EA /DELI:TAB USER * DISPLAY ALL > Output.csv
  • Active   HomeDirReq   Unlock   PasswordReq
    Y           N                    Y           Y

    Executing this command in a Directory and Resource Administrator environment produces output such as the following example:

    • AccountDisabled:False IsAccountLocked:False PasswordRequired:True

    This issue results from the different way DRA's CLI was designed to handle Active Directory properties.

    This issue is resolved in Directory and Resource Administrator 7.0 and later. The behavior of the DRA CLI has been corrected to ensure that field names appear as column headers, making it more consistent with the EA CLI.

    Additional Information

    Formerly known as NETIQKB27073