What is Hotfix NETIQKB26953 for Group Policy Administrator? (NETIQKB26953)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 20-Sep-2007


What is Hotfix NETIQKB26953 for Group Policy Administrator?

Group Policy Administrator 3.0


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator Hotfix NETIQKB26953 added additional functionality and corrected the following issues:

Corrected Issues:

  • When performing an Export to AD operation in the Repository, some of the 'SYSVOL GPO' folders and files have a Date created attribute incorrectly set.
  • Generating a difference report for two GPOs in different domains but with the same CN name generates an incorrect report.
  • On export of GPOs that were migrated from a different domain, the CN name is displayed in lowercase instead of standard uppercase format.
  • On export of certain Repository GPOs, the security inheritance flag is enabled but the permissions were not inherited on some of the subfolders.
  • When checking out a GPO on a Windows 2003 server, users are not able edit the Software Restriction Policy.
  • In the Connect to SQL server dialog, users can select, but not type in, long names.

Added Functionality:

  • The algorithm for GPO Export operations from the Repository has been optimized to reduce the number of .
    delete operations done on the 'SYSVOL'
    folders. This optimization helps overcome Windows NT File Replication Service (NTFRS) limitations on quick deletes and recreation of files and folders that could cause NTFRS replication issues.
  • The domain mapping feature in the GPO Migration Wizard has been updated to include folder mapping. This is useful when users want to migrate GPOs that contain software packages or folder redirection settings. In such scenarios, administrators can use the folder mapping feature to specify the source and target shared folders between two domains.
  • The Repository root node now displays the current user context under which the application is being used.
  • The name of the domain controller (DC) to which the GPO would be exported is now displayed in the Export confirmation window.
  • When the Repository console is launched, the Repository operation for each domain defaults to the PDC.

To install the Hotfix, run GPA3000000 HotfixQ26953B.exe on the computers that have the GPA consoles (MMC Snap-ins) installed. This hotfix does not contain any updates for the Repository Server Components or Database, so you do not need to install the hotfix on computers that do not have the GPA MMC consoles installed.

This hotfix modifies the following files on the computers that have the GPA consoles installed:

  • faADContainerInterface.dll
  • faAdmin.dll
  • faDBContainerInterface.dll
  • fagpr.dll
  • faGpReport.dll
  • faGPRInterface.dll
  • faPAnalysis.dll
  • GpoSummary.rpt
  • PolicyAuditing.dll
  • SnapInEncapsulation.dll
  • faGPRScrObj.dll



Hotfix NetIQKB26953 is available for download from our website at https://www.netiq.com/support/GPA/hotfixes.asp

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB26953