After clicking Finish in the wizard to create a project, the DMA MMC closes. (NETIQKB26942)

  • 7726942
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 04-Mar-2008


Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

After clicking Finish in the wizard to create a project, the DMA MMC closes.

After clicking Finish in the user/group/computer migration wizard, the DMA MMC closes.

We have identified this issue as being caused by having too many items in the Actions table of the DMA database. 

This issue has been resolved in Domain Migration Administrator 7.2


Here are a few alternative workarounds if you are unable to upgrade to Domain Migration Administrator 7.2 at this time.

Install DMA 7.1 Hotfix 35418:

Hofix 35418 contains a portion of the fix that was later fully implemented in DMA 7.2 and may resolve this issue.

This issue may be resolved by cleaning up the databases with the Compact and Repair Utility found in:

  1. Close 'DMA'.
  2. Open 'Micrsoft Access'.
  3. Open the Protar.mdb (\Program Files\NetIQ\DMA\Protar.mdb).
  4. Select Tools.
  5. Select Database Utilities.
  6. Select Compact and Repair Database
  7. Open the project database (\Program Files\NetIQ\DMA\Projects\project_Name\project_Name.mdb).

Follow steps 4-6 above.   Please close DMA before running this utility. 

If neither of the steps above resolve your issue, use the following steps to remove some of the actions from the Actions Table:

  1. Close 'DMA / Server Consolidator'.
  2. Open 'Windows Explorer'.
  3. Browse to \Program Files\NetIQ\DMA.
  4. Make a backup copy of the file protar.mdb (\Program Files\NetIQ\DMA\Protar.mdb) by copying  it to another directory.
  5. Make a backup copy of the project databases (\Program Files\NetIQ\DMA\Projects\project_Name\project_Name.mdb) by copying them to another directory.
  6. Double-click protar.mdb in \Program Files\NetIQ\DMA to open this database in MS Access.
  7. In Access , make sure Tables is selected in the 'Objects' pane.
  8. Open the 'Actions' table.
  9. By selecting the gray field to the left of the rows, starting with the top row, highlight rows for at least half of the ActionID's in the table.
  10. Verify the data corresponds to a time far enough back in the migration that you are not planning to utilize the undo and are willing to lose information from.
  11. Press the Delete key.
  12. Click Yes, indicating that you want to delete the records.
  13. Close 'Microsoft Access'.
  14. Launch DMA. 

 You will now be able to proceed with your migration tasks.


IMPORTANT: By doing this, you are removing DMA's references to Actions that were performed when you first started using DMA. After these Action ID's are removed, DMA will no longer be able to UNDO those actions until they are restored to the Actions table from back-up. 

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB26942