The Pre-Windows 2000 name field in the Web Console does not display all letters in a group name when (NETIQKB26551)

  • 7726551
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 6.60


The Pre-Windows 2000 name field in the Web Console does not display all letters in a group name when that name exceeds a certain length.


When creating a new group in the Directory and Resource Administrator Web Console, filling in the Group name field also populates the Pre-Windows 2000 name field.  There is a default policy in DRA called $GroupNameLengthPolicy limiting these group names to 20 characters.  If the default $GroupNameLengthPolicy is modified to permit more characters or if it is disabled, DRA will allow Assistant Admins to create group names longer in length.  When this occurs, the Pre-Windows 2000 name field does not display the entire name.

This issue occurs because the text box control for the Pre-Windows 2000 name field is not defined correctly.


Hotfix 26323 corrects this situation, defining the Pre-Windows 2000 name field so that it accurately displays the name entered.

To install this hotfix, run the DRA66000_Hotfix26323a.exe file on the Administration server.

This hotfix modifies the following files on the Web component computer:

  • AccountManagement/Computers/ComputerCreate/TaskMain.asp
  • AccountManagement/Computers/ComputerCreate/TaskMessages.asp
  • AccountManagement/Groups/GroupCreate/TaskMain.asp
  • AccountManagement/Groups/GroupUpdate/GeneralTabMain.asp
  • AccountManagement/Groups/GroupUpdate/GeneralTabMessages.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserClone/Properties.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserCreate/TaskMain.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserResetPassword/Properties.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserUpdate/DialInTabMain.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserUpdate/ProfileTabMain.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserUpdate/StatsTabMain.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserUpdate/StatsTabMessages.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserUpdateNT4/DialInTabMain.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserUpdateNT4/ProfileTabMain.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserUpdateNT4/StatsTabMain.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserUpdateNT4/StatsTabMessages.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserVitalStats/Properties.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserVitalStats/TaskMessages.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserVitalStatsNT4/Properties.asp
  • AccountManagement/Users/UserVitalStatsNT4/TaskMessages.asp
  • Common/Scripts/LocalizeDate.asp
  • Common/Scripts/SearchForms/UserGroupBrowse/TaskMain.asp
  • Common/Scripts/SearchForms/UserGroupBrowse/TaskMessages.asp

By default, these files are located in the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\DRAWeb\WebConsole\BuiltIn folder of servers with the DRA Web Component installed.


Hotfix 26323 also corrects other issues that are listed in the following Knowledge Base article:

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB26551