Event: Inconsistent connection ordinals. (NETIQKB26514)

  • 7726514
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 29-May-2008


AppManager 5.x

Sun ONE Directory Server  Unix

Sun ONE Directory Server 4.1

Sun ONE Directory Server  5.0

Sun ONE Directory Server  5.1

NMostActiveConnections, NOldestConnections

Event: Inconsistent connection ordinals. 

WARNING: One or more log files were skipped because they contain inconsistent connection ordinals.

Each entry in the access log contains a connection ordinal identifying the directory server connection with which the entry is associated. These ordinals should be sequential. This event indicates one or more non-sequential ordinals were found in one or more of the access log files. This typically occurs when the access log files were created by different execution instances of the directory server (since the connection ordinals start at 0 when the server is restarted). In this case, the connection ordinals may not be unique.


1.        Ignore warning.  All relevant archived log data that is contained in the logs that have consistent connection ordinals is correctly returned.


2.        Clean out the access logs so that all entries are from one directory server instance that has not been re-started.

a.        Stop the directory server instance (i.e. ns-slapd).

b.       Delete the access logs (e.g.  /usr/iplanet/ias6/slapd-raldtest7-202/logs/access*)

c.        Re-start the directory server instance (i.e. ns-slapd).

d.       Re-run the Logs KS.  It should now complete without this error.  The connection information will typically stay in sequential order as long as the directory server is not restarted.  Restarting the directory server typically causes the connection information to re-use numbering schemes that were used in previous directory server sessions.   Tip:  Back up the access logs and then delete the access logs before starting the directory server to ensure a fresh copy of the logs.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB26514