How do I change the default timeout period for the User Site in VigilEnt Policy Center? (NETIQKB26073)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 05-Dec-2007


VigilEnt Policy Center


How can I modify the User Site timeout value within VPC?


To change the default timeout on the User Site of VigilEnt Policy Center (VPC), follow these steps:


1.      Go to the C:\Program Files\NetIQ\VigilEnt Policy Center\server\webapps\policy\WEB-INF subdirectory 

2.      Edit web.xml. (Note: Notepad will work just fine for this.)

3.      Add the following before line 1017 (line 1017 looks like: <!-- The Welcome File List -->):


<!-- ======== Default Session Configuration ======== -->
<!-- You can set the default session timeout -->
<!-- (in minutes) for all newly -->
<!-- created sessions by modifying the value below.-->


The 30 can be changed to whatever is deemed appropriate.


4.      Once you have edited the time, save the file. 

5.      Stop and start VigilEntPolicyCenter service.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB26073

To change the default timeout for the Administration Site, please see the following knowledge base article:

In versions prior to VPC 4.0 the file structure will read as follows: C:\Program Files\Pentasafe\VigilEnt Policy Center\server\webapps\policy\WEB-INF in step one above.