How do I copy an Exchange Migrator database to another server? (NETIQKB25603)

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How do I copy an Exchange Migrator database to another server?

How do I  move the Exchange Migrator SQL database (EMA) to a different SQL server?

Exchange Migrator 2.x


To copy or move an Exchange Migrator database to another server:

  1. Use the steps defined by Microsoft for moving a SQL database to a different server.

  2. Use the Exchange Migrator utility "DBManager" to reassociate EM with the new database:

    1. Open Windows Explorer.
    2. Browse to the \Program Files\NetIQ\Exchange Migrator directory.
    3. Execute DBManager.exe (this is only available after installing at least Exchange Migrator 2.2 SP1).
    4. Select the database server name (or '(local)' if it is the local machine).
    5. Enter the sa account credentials.
    6. Click Connect to Server.
    7. Select the database name.
    8. Click Save.


For information on how to configure the Exchange Migrator console to use a central database, refer to the following knowledge base article:

 NETIQKB21295 - How can multiple Exchange Migrator consoles be configured to use a central database?

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