What does the VigilEnt Security Agent for WebServers patch 3.0.2 fix? (NETIQKB25149)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


What does the VigilEnt Security Agent for WebServers patch 3.0.2 fix?

VigilEnt Security Agent for WebServers 3.0


The 3.0.2 patch addresses two issues:

  • The performance of Detect/Prevent (particularly for IIS servers under heavy load) has been improved; the performance degradation that had been observed after extended periods of heavy load has been corrected.
  • The IIS Access and Configuration reports for IIS report now report all web sites on hosts with many virtual servers and multiple network interface cards. Users are urged to apply this patch even if performance degradation has not yet been observed

For Product: VigilEnt Security Agent for WebServers
Product Version: 3.0.1
Product Component: Detect/Prevent, Audit
Product Sub-Component:
Product O/S: Windows 2000/NT 4.0, Solaris


The 3.0.2 patch should only be applied to version 3.0.1 installations of VSA for Web Servers.


Contains the following previously or currently posted patch:

Special Notes:
Will not work on VSA-WS or earlier versions
Will not work on VSA-WS or later

Install Instructions:
The release contains a single zip file which in turn contains an installer for Windows (install.exe), an installer for Solaris 8 (install.bin) and an electronic copy of the release notes.

  1. First, unpack the zip file into a temporary directory.
  2. After reading the release notes, execute the appropriate installer:

Windows NT4 and Windows 2000:

  1. Execute install.exe.

Note: In order to replace files that are used by the web servers (IIS, Apache and iPlanet), the installer executable will launch a script that briefly stops then restarts the web server(s). In order to replace files used by the agent, the "manager" and "agent" process will be restarted as well. Please be patient during the installation as the installer is waiting for an orderly shutdown of IIS: the cmd.exe window may take several minutes to complete its tasks.

Solaris 8:

  1. Execute "/bin/sh ./install.bin -i console" for a command-line based installation or "/bin/sh ./install.bin -i gui" for an installation using a graphical user interface.

Note: The installer will not automatically stop and restart either the web server or the web agent. Please manually stop the web server and agent processes before running the installer. Remember to restart the agent and the web servers after applying this patch.


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