The CLI does not process comma-delimited values for the target. (NETIQKB24770)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 6.60

The CLI does not process comma-delimited values for the target.


Running the following CLI command: EA GROUP group1,group2 MEMBERADD member1, returns an error: "Group 'group1,group2' not found"

The Directory and Resource Administrator CLI does not support multiple target parameters that are separated by a comma delimiter.


The use of commas with the EA GROUP command, is not for having multiple target groups, but for adding multiple members to a single target group.  The target in the CLI does not accept comma-delimited values.  For example:

To add member1 and member2 to the group GroupA, the syntax would be:

EA GROUP groupA MEMBERADD member1,member2

To process this command for multiple groups, you can use a wildcard in the target value if the groups follow a similar naming convention.  For example, to process this memberadd on all groups that begin with "A" , the syntax can be specified as:

EA GROUP A* MEMBERADD member1,member2

Another option for processing multiple groups with the CLI is to provide a text file input to the CLI and use it with a "FOR" loop.  Here is a link to a Knowledgebase article that discusses this:

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