How do I create an ActiveView that allows an Assistant Admin to clone a template account with an Exc (NETIQKB23791)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I create an ActiveView that allows an Assistant Admin to clone a template account with an Exchange 2000 mailbox?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server


Perform the following steps to create an ActiveView (AV) that delegates the power to clone a template account with an associated Microsoft Exchange 2000 mailbox: 


First, create your template account with a mailbox. 


Launch the MMC interface while logged on as an Assistant Admin (AA) with, at minimum, Built-in Security Role.


ActiveView Creation

1.         Expand ActiveView management.

2.         Highlight ActiveViews and click New.

3.         Type in a name for the ActiveView and click Finish.

4.         In the Add objects dialog box, select Include Users and click Next.

5.         Highlight In Specific Domain, select the domain and click Next.

6.         Highlight Specific <User Account> and select your template account and click Next.

7.         In the Add any exceptions screen leave all options unchecked and click Next.

8.         Click Finish.

9.         In the What would you like to do next? dialog box, select the Assign Assistant Admins option.

10.      Select Add users.

11.      Select the user account from the list and click Add

12.      Click OK, then click Next

13.      Select Add Powers

14.      Select the Powers All Properties ? Clone a User Account and All Properties ? Clone an Exchange 2000 mailbox powers and then click Add.

15.      Click OK and then click Next

16.      Click Finish


Note: In order for an Assistant Admin to be able to create a user account in this ActiveView a Target Container must be defined by performing the following steps:

1.         Highlight the ActiveView created in step 3 above.

2.         Select Add objects.

3.         Select the rule Target Container (OU) for Create Operation, and click Next to continue defining the scope for this rule.

4.         Once you define the Target Container (OU) for Create operation Rule, Select the target rule and select Properties.

5.         Select the Members tab and check the members that are Users and click OK


The result of the above ActiveView is the Assistant Admin will be able to see all Users in the target OU, however he will only be able to clone the template account.  If the Assistant Admin tries to clone any other account besides the template account, the AA will receive an error message: ?You do not have enough power to perform this operation?.




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