What should I monitor on the Directory and Resource Adminstrator servers? (NETIQKB22622)

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What should I monitor on the Directory and Resource Adminstrator servers?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


There is not specific documentation on what to monitor, however, there are several items that can be monitored on the DRA server.  The following items include general guidelines on what to look for:


If the DRA service is utilizing 60% memory usage for a period of over 5 consecutive minutes, you should be alerted.  These numbers vary from environment to environment; therefore, it is recommended that you monitor the memory usage of the DRA service for a period and then set the thresholds appropriately.


The MCSAdminSvc.exe and the DRADomFile.exe process should be monitored.   If at any time there are more DRADomFile processes than your total number of managed and trusted domains, this could indicate a process is hung.  For example, if you have 3 managed domains and 5 trusted domains for a total of 8 and you see 10 DRADomfile processes running, it is highly likely that two of these processes are hung and the rest are simply queued up behind the hung processes.  One way to tell if a DRADomfile process is hung is to:  Perform a baseline of the time it takes for a full accounts cache refresh to complete in your environment.  You can calculate this by looking in the Application Event log and review the cache refresh events for the respective domains.  This baseline can be used to help determine if a DRADomfile process is actually hung or not.


DRA 6.x, as well as, Web Console clients rely on IIS (The DRA 7 32-bit GUI Client does not). The services you will need to monitor are the IIS Admin server itself as well as the World Wide Web Publishing service.


Directory and Resource Administrator ships with an ActiveKnowledge Module for Security Manager that allows for monitoring of the DRA server.

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