What does Hotfix 22291 fix in Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) 7.1? (NETIQKB22291)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


What does Hotfix 22291 fix in Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) 7.1?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.1


This hotfix includes all the hotfix issues from Domain Migration Administrator 7.1 Hotfix 14252  and corrects several other potential problems when using Domain Migration Administrator.

New Issues Resolved in this Hotfix
* When hundreds of project tasks have been performed, Domain Migration Administrator may have trouble loading that project into MMC, resulting in some missing wizards. This hotfix corrects this issue.

* When translating profiles on some computers with a non-English operating system, Domain Migration Administrator fails to detect whether the profiles are encrypted. This hotfix corrects this issue.

* When adding computers to the project through the Select Objects wizard with the Advanced Setting option "List only computers that are Windows NT/2000 servers" selected, Domain Migration Administrator stores an incorrect LDAP path for the computer, causing the computer migration to fail with a CopyProperties error. This hotfix corrects this issue.

* When a migrated source user account has a profile on more than one computer, once you translate security for the profile on one of those computers, Domain Migration Administrator fails to see the remaining profiles as needing to be translated. This causes the Analyze button in the Security Translation wizard to be improperly disabled for that user, and reports, such as the Migrated User Profiles not Translated report, will not list the profiles for that user on the other computers. This hotfix corrects this issue.

* The Release Notes for the remoteprof utility, which is installed with Domain Migration Administrator, is not installed with the product. This hotfix installs the remoteprof readme file.

* When migrating users with their passwords and with modeling, Domain Migration Administrator might improperly log a complex password in the password file for users whose passwords were successfully copied. This hotfix corrects this issue.

* When you use the SidHistory report to add accounts to the Domain Migration Administrator Migrated Objects table, the source path is not saved. This could cause a Failed to find Object error when trying to add those accounts to their groups during the group migration. With this hotfix, Domain Migration Administrator skips such accounts during the group membership restoration and logs an error.

* When updating the group membership of universal groups, Domain Migration Administrator exits unexpectedly if any of the group members have an apostrophe in the common name. This hotfix corrects this issue.

* When writing pre-migration and post-migration scripts for use in Domain Migration Administrator, the name of the current project is not available. With this hotfix, the project name can now be retrieved in a script by accessing the "Options.ProjectName" value from the Settings object (for example, Settings.get("Options.ProjectName")).

* When using the trial license shipped with Domain Migration Administrator and Server Consolidator, the Domain Migration Administrator About box shows the number of days until the Server Consolidator license expires (7 instead of 30 days). This hotfix corrects this issue.

Installing this Hotfix 
To install this accumulative hotfix, run the DMA71000_HOTFIX22291.EXE  file on the computers where Domain Migration Administrator is installed. For more information, contact Technical Support at www.netiq.com/support.


Please contact Technical Support to create a 'Support Request' for any issues you encounter that are not addressed by the User Guide, any Knowledge Base articles found on the website, or current Hotfixes available for download.

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