What report will show which accounts have been migrated? (NETIQKB21529)

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What report will show which accounts have been migrated?

What report will show when a migration was done?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) has a number of reports that provide statistical information about your migration. Some of the reporting sections that contain these types of reports are:

  • Tasks to Do
  • Migration Tasks Performed
  • Project Information

Some of the reports contained in these categories are:

  • Tasks to Do
    • Unmigrated Objects
      • Unmigrated Users
      • Unmigrated Groups
      • Security Translation
        • By Server
          • Migrated User Profiles not Translated by Servers
  • Migration Tasks Performed
    • Action History
    • Migrated Accounts by Path
    • Migrated Computers
  • Project Information
    • Failed Tasks


When migrating in Projects, Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) will track the time and date that a migration task is performed.  With the interface and the project open, you will find these statistics under Status and Migration History.

To learn more about these reports, please see the online help or Chapter 8 - Understanding Reporting, in the Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) User Guide.

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