When using the merge feature of NetIQ GPA, folder redirection does not function however the correct (NETIQKB20479)

  • 7720479
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 3.0

When using the merge feature of NetIQ GPA, folder redirection does not function however the correct settings are displayed in the GPO setting report.

The cause of this issue is NetIQ GPA was not correct copying one of the properties during the merge.


This issue is resolved in Group Policy Administrator 3.00 Hotfix Q17335

Hotfix Q17335 corrects the following issues:

  • Repository Users unable to Import/Checkout GPO on German version of SQL server.  Issue caused due to different Date/Time format.
  • The Administrator node?s Replication Wizard was throwing an exception in some environments when a user selected a new source GPO.
  • In the Administrator node, certain GPOs appeared under the Un-liked GPO folder even when linked to Domain and Sites Container.
  • During cross domain GPO migrations using the Repository?s migration feature, you need to map security principals of the two domains.  If security mapping between domains are incomplete then exporting a migrated GPO would produce an exception.
  • In the Policy Planning & Analysis node the Summary Report was truncating certain GUIDs. 
  • Attempts to print the Summary Report also failed with the message ?Unable to Print GPO Summary Report?.
  • An optimization had been added that improves the performance of the Administrator node?s GPO backup feature.
  • When using Policy Planning & Analysis in certain deployment scenarios (running on Citrix or Terminal services), RSoP completes but selecting the RSoP report node triggered a ?Page cannot be displayed? error.
  • When editing a GPO in the Repository some users with limited access rights an attempt to view a Software Package?s properties page results in an MMC exception error.
  • Reports display standard Windows Service configurations in a GPO but configurations of non standard services were not being displayed.
  • The "Add Repository User" dialog allowed user selection only from the currently connected domain.  It was not displaying users and groups from trusted domains
  • On Windows XP performing a comparison or difference report with an AD GPO failed to include the AD GPO?s Software packages.
  • When exporting a GPO (that has previously been imported into the Repository)and if this GPO already exists in Active Directory, it was not being validated whether the user has security modification permissions on the live GPO.
  • Administrators can specify the domain controller they need to use  for all Repository operation. Prior to this version this selection would not be persisted and administrators had to select the DC during each connection to the Repository database. With this hotfix release, the Domain Controller name is persisted.

To install this hotfix, run the GPA300000_HotfixQ17335.exe file on the computers that have the GPA Consoles(MMC Snap-ins).

This hotfix modifies the following files on the computers that have the GPA Console :

  • faADContainerInterface.dll
  • faAdmin.dll
  • faDBContainerInterface.dll
  • fagpr.dll
  • faGpReport.dll
  • faGPRInterface.dll
  • faPAnalysis.dll
  • GpoSummary.rpt
  • PolicyAuditing.dll
  • SnapInEncapsulation.dll

By default, these files are located in the NetIQ\Group Policy Administrator\Bin folder of the Program Files folder.


Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB20479