Can other ACL's besides the created User ACL be set on the home directory automatically when the hom (NETIQKB19827)

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Can other ACL's besides the created User ACL be set on the home directory automatically when the home directory is created via Directory and Resource Administrator?

How do I set additional ACLs on a home directory that is automatically created by DRA?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.X

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


Out of the box, Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) allows the ability to set the 'Inherit permissions from parent directory' flag when the home directory is created.  DRA also allows the ability to specify the level of permissions for the created user account when the home directory is created.  If the ACL that you wish to add to the home directory permissions is not an ACL that can be derived via inheritance from the parent directory, then a post task trigger could be used to set the ACL to the desired setting.  Out of the box, the following configurations are available when enabling the Home Directory Automation Trigger. 

  • Inherit permissions from parent directory
  • Grant access permissions to new user account
    • Grant user account full control permission
    • Grant user account change permission

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is the main resource for customizing the NetIQ Administration products. This product presents the basic concepts and provides instructions for developing custom applications, user interfaces, policies, and automation triggers.   More information about the Software Development Kit can be found in the following knowledge base article:

What is the Software Development Kit (SDK) and what can it do?

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