Can I increment the suffix appended to duplicate accounts? (NETIQKB19621)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 17-Apr-2008


Can I increment the suffix appended to duplicate accounts?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) provides a means to rename the new account if there is a name conflict with an existing account.  This is configured on the Naming Conflicts dialog in the Migrate User Accounts and the Specify Migration Settings wizards, by selecting the radio button for Rename conflicting accounts by adding the following: and specifying a prefix or a suffix. There is not a wildcard character you can use for suffix to make it increment the suffix every time, such as User1, User2, User3, etc.  There is not a known way to script the migration to make it use a different suffix every time.  The suffix is treated like a string of characters, not a number.

If you have multiple source domains, which may contain users with the same name, the following example illustrates how accounts will be renamed if you have specified a suffix of '1' for the naming conflict option:

  1. BobSmith is migrated.
  2. Migrate another source account called BobSmith, DMA will create a new account called BobSmith1.
  3. If you migrate another BobSmith, DMA sees BobSmith exists, and that BobSmith1 exists, so it creates BobSmith11.
  4. If you migrate another BobSmith, DMA will create BobSmith111.

If you need a workaround so that each user of the same source account name will receive a different suffix, then consider the following procedure:

  1. Specify a suffix of '1'.
  2. Migrate the first user and the second user that has the same source account name.
  3. Change the suffix to 2 and migrate a user that has the same source account name.
  4. Change the suffix to 3 and migrate a user that has the same source account name.

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