Manually deleting the old user profile (through System Properties), also deletes the folder for the (NETIQKB19573)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

Manually deleting the old user profile (through System Properties), also deletes the folder for the new user's profile.

When Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) translates security on a user profile, it does not create a new copy of the profile folders. It creates a registry entry that points to the same set of folders as the source profile. Therefore, the source and target user profiles listed in the System Properties are the same set of folders. If a local administrator on the workstation deletes the source account user profile from the System Properties, User Profiles tab on that computer, the folder containing the profile settings will be deleted from the file system of that computer. 


This is by design. To recover this profile you will need to restore it from backup.

For future migrations, to prevent inadvertently deleting the user profile folder, the recommended practice is as follows:

  1. Translate Security in Add mode.
  2. Verify that the target account can log in and receive the correct profile.
  3. Translate security again, this time using Remove mode.
    • This will remove the source account from the 'User Profile' list and remove the source user from the 'ProfileList' registry key. The migrated user will still have the correct profile.
    • If the source account were to log in again, a new profile will be generated. 


For additional information regarding translating security in Replace mode instead of in 'Add' and 'Remove' modes please refer to the following Knowledge Base article:

NETIQKB10172 - Should I translate security in Replace mode so I don't have to use Remove mode later? What is the default setting?

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