How do I run a report to show the 'HTTP mail enabled protocol' Microsoft Exchange 2000 setting? (NETIQKB19291)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


How do I run a report to show the 'HTTP mail enabled protocol' Microsoft Exchange 2000 setting?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x

Microsoft Exchange Server 2000


To view this setting the reporting tool must gather the protocolSettings property from Active Directory. To  configure the reporting tool to gather the protocolSettings property:  

Note: This is not a supported configuration and it has not been tested.  It is recommend to back up the reporting directory before trying the procedure.  

  1. Open the Reporting Tool and enter design mode.
  2. Select the table called Exchange2Kfields.
  3. Add a row and give it the name protocolSettings.
  4. Set the following values:
    • Always import:  checked
    • UserTable :   2
    • OnlyUsers:   checked
  5. Close the Reporting Tool.
  6. Go to C:\program files\netiq\dra\reporting.
  7. Open the file oarept-draserver.mdb.
  8. Open the table called User1.
  9. Select Design View from the View drop down menu.
  10. Add a row with the fieldname protocolSettings and a datatype as text.
  11. Close the Oarept-draserver.mdb database and save changes.
  12. Relaunch the Reporting Tool and do an import (Make sure to import user account details). 
  13. When complete, select File | Enter Design mode.
  14. Open the User1 table.  The column called protocolSettings will have a setting if an entry is set to something other than default.
  15. When complete, restore the reporting directory from the backup.

Note: The reporting tool only gathers 4 properties in regards to Microsoft Exchange 2000 mailbox information.  The properties that are imported by the reporting tool are listed in the table called Exchange2Kfields.  The Active Directory property for the protocol settings is protocolSettings.  The property protocolsettings will be blank in Active Directory if is set to the default settings which is everything set to on.  However, if something is not the default, then there will be data in the protocolSettings property in Active Directory.   This data is the raw data which is in a format called directory string which is very difficult to read and interpret.   This information could be gathered by using the ADSI provider.

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