Error: '[7295]E20868: Cannot get the OS version for DOMAINNAME. hr=80070035" The network path was no (NETIQKB18789)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 14-Aug-2007


Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

Error: '[7295]E20868: Cannot get the OS version for DOMAINNAME. hr=80070035" The network path was not found.'

The Domain Migration Administrator console is unable to contact the remote registry of a domain controller in the domain specified in the error message. This can be a result of network or permissions issues.

Grant the account logged on to the migration console administrator rights on the specified machine, and resolve WINS, DNS, or other connectivity issues to the specified machine.

Below are some suggested troubleshooting steps that may help to resolve connectivity issues:

  1. Try running \\server from the RUN box on the Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) computer, where SERVER is the name of a domain controller in the domain. Verify that you can connect to that server.
  2. Verify that there are accurate DNS records for the domain controller as well as the DMA computer.  Please check the forward and reverse lookup records.  Verify that both the domain controller and the DMA console are looking at the same DNS server.
  3. Can you connect to remotely administer (with User Manager for Domains, or Active Directory Users and Computers) the domain controller from the DMA console when logged in with the account being used for migration?
  4. Try running NLTEST /DSGETDC:domainname from a command prompt on the DMA console (substituting the actual domain for 'domainname').  Then try to connect to the computer that this test returns.
  5. Make sure the domain controller is online and available.  The message has been returned when the source domain controller was down due to a power failure.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB18789