Should I expect better performance from using multiple consoles? (NETIQKB18323)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 21-Sep-2007


Exchange Migrator 2.2 SP1

Exchange Migrator 2.3

Should I expect better performance from using multiple consoles?


Using multiple consoles does not improve performance for migrating objects within the same project.  However, installing multiple consoles will allow you to perform multiple migrations at the same time using different projects. This will improve your migration's execution performance by reducing the time needed to perform migrations from multiple projects.

For more information about using multiple consoles, please see NETIQKB1402 Can I run multiple Exchange Migrator consoles at the same time?


Using mutiple Exchange Migrator (EM) consoles does not improve performance, but does give EM the ability to perform simultaneous migrations.  EM performes server-to-server migrations.  When the same source and target servers are being used, no appreciable performance improvement is expected with multiple consoles.

Multi-Console support was implemented for migrations that involve multi-source servers being migrated to either multiple targets or the same target.

Prior to developing Mutil-Console support, our Developement team attempted to improve performance using multiple threads (which should get a similar performance gain as the multi-console gets you).  Development saw no performance gain when the source and target servers were identicle.

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