How do I create a report displaying when user accounts were created? (NETIQKB17948)

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How do I create a report displaying when user accounts were created?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


In an NT 4 domain, the NT SAM does not contain any properties dealing with when an account is created.  For an NT 4 domain, the options for DRA to report on when an account is created can obtained by one of the following:

  1. Create a post-trigger that is tied with the UserCreate or UserCopy operation that populates the comment or description field with a timestamp of when the account is created.
  2. In the DRA reporting tool, Import the Usage and Operation history and run a History of Usage report for the Action Usercopy or UserCreate.  The criteria for the import will determine how far back accounts will be reported.  In addition, accounts created outside of DRA will not be reported on.

Active Directory has an attribute called whencreated that you can report on using the reporting tool.   To generate a query to show the account creation date for 2000 AD accounts, perform the following.

  1. Launch the Directory and Resource Reporting interface.
  2. Select Enter Design Mode from the File drop down menu.
  3. Select Queries from the Objects list.
  4. Select Create query in Design view and click Open.
  5. Select the Tables tab in the Show Table dialog box.
  6. Select Users and click Add.
  7. Select Users1 and Click Add
  8. Click the Close button.
  9. Create a relationship between the User_ID field in the Users table and the User_ID field in the Users1 table.
  10. Double-click the fields $McsNameValue, sAMAccountName in the Users table and whenCreated field in the Users1 table.
  11. Save the query as qrywhenAccountcreated and close the Query 1: Select Query screen.

For more information about creating a custom report and making it available in the DRA Reporting Tool see the documentation How to create a custom report  which is available on the Knowledge Depot at:

This document details how to create a custom report and make it available in the Directory and Resource Administrator reporting tool. To describe this process, an example will be used to illustrate the steps necessary to create and make available a custom report displaying user accounts that will expire in the next seven days. The report will be called User Accounts that expire in the next seven days in the reporting tool and will be available under the Users Accounts node of the reporting tool after User Account details are successfully imported.

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