What is the purpose of Hotfix 17335? (NETIQKB17335)

  • 7717335
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


What is the purpose of Hotfix 17335?

NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 3.0


This hotfix addresses the following issues:

  • NetIQKB13394: NetIQ Group Policy Administrator users encounter an error when performing an 'Import' or 'Check Out' operation in a German language environment.
  • NetIQKB18523: TheGPO Replication Wizard in the Administrator snap-in node generates an exception when a user selects a new Source Domain GPO.
  • NetIQKB18524: A linked GPO appears in 'Unlinked GPOs' folder.
  • NetIQKB18525: Unable to Export GPO to Active Directory.
  • NetIQKB18526: Error: ?Unable to Print GPO Summary Report? When Attempting to View the GPO Summary Report or GUID?s are truncated in the GPO Summary Report.
  • NetIQKB18527: Back Up of a GPO hangs or Backup of GPO?s is excessively slow.
  • NetIQKB18528: Error: 'Page cannot be displayed' When Attempting to View a RSoP Report in a Citrix or Terminal Service Session.
  • NetIQKB18535: The NetIQ GPA console terminates when viewing the software properties of a GPO in the repository.
  • NetIQKB18536: Non-standard Service Configuration settings are not displayed correctly when viewing the settings report of a GPO.
  • NetIQKB18537: The 'Add Repository User' dialog only allows selection of users from the currently connected domain. It does not allow selection of users or groups from trusted domains.
  • NetIQKB18538: When performing a 'Compare AD version' or 'Differentiate AD version'  report, the GPO?s Software packages settings are not displayed.
  • NetIQKB18539: The NetIQ GPA MMC closes when attempting to perform the 'Export to AD' Operation.
  • NetIQKB18540: Administrators have to specify a domain controller during each connection to the Repository.


GPA 3.0 Hotfix Q26953B is a cumulative hotfix, which also includes fixes for Hotfix 17335. Applying GPA 3.0 Hotfix Q26953B this hotfix will also apply hotfix 17335.

To install Hotfix Q26953B, run the GPA300000_HotfixQ26953B.exe file on the computers that have the GPA Consoles (MMC snap-ins) installed.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB17335