What are the speed options under Advanced Settings in the Specify Migration Settings wizard? (NETIQKB16839)

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What are the speed options under Advanced Settings in the Specify Migration Settings wizard?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


In the Specify Migration Settings wizard,  Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) provides some Advanced settings that can be used to configure special settings for the handling of groups as they are migrated.  The default setting is 'Slow', which should be used for most typical migrations. This is the most comprehensive method of verifying that all group memberships will be updated.  The other options provide ways to speed up the migration by not attempting to update group memberships in specific instances.

Depending on the speed setting selected for your migration, DMA will enable one or more of the following processes:

  • Update memberships of the groups migrated.  - DMA adds previously migrated group members to the groups you are migrating. 

    • Update Local Groups with members that have not been migrated  -  DMA will attempt to add all members (users and global groups) of a local group to that local group when it is migrated.  If this option is not selected, when you migrate a local group, DMA will not try to add members of the local group from the source domain that have not been migrated.  By not selecting this checkbox, this gives you the option to not retain references to accounts in the source domain that have not been migrated, which also saves some processing time. This option does not apply to updating the membership of global groups.. 

  • Preserve account group membership. -  DMA adds accounts to previously migrated groups in the Target Domain, preserving memberships created in the Source Domain. 

    • Add Windows NT 4.0 Global Groups to the Target Local Groups. -  DMA adds Windows NT 4.0 Global Groups you are migrating to previously migrated Local Groups in the Target Domain.

The 'Select Migration Speed' slider bar provides a method to select the above tasks in these combinations:

  • Slow - Performs all four tasks
  • Medium-Slow - Performs tasks 1, 1a, and 2
  • Medium - Performs tasks 1 and 2
  • Medium-Fast - Performs only Task 1
  • Fast - Only migrates the object without doing any group enumeration.

The individual tasks can also be enabled or disabled by clicking Custom Level... instead of using the slider bar.


Recommended practices:

Slow - this setting is recommended for most migration tasks. Often users and groups are migrated in repeated steps. This setting ensures that group memberships will always be updated.

If your situation matches the conditions described on the slider window, you can consider applying one of the other slider positions for that migration operation. Speed options other than Slow should only be used as part of a migration that has been planned and tested.

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