Can you import an previous version project into a newer version of DMA? (NETIQKB16597)

  • 7716597
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 20-Sep-2007


Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

Domain Migration Administrator 6.x

Errors result from importing a project from an earlier version into a later version of DMA.

Error code 800a0cc1; may be seen during the actual import of a project

Unspecified Error; may be received after running the Specify Migration Settings Wizard

These errors may be caused by importing a project that was created in one version of DMA to a DMA console running a different version.


DMA is unable to automatically upgrade or update previous version project files when they are imported into a newer version of DMA.  Also, you cannot export a project from a newer version and import it into an older version.

The recommended troubleshooting step is to check the version of DMA on both consoles. This is done by selecting Domain Migration Administrator in the left pane of the MMC, then right click Domain Migration Administrator, View, About Domain Migration Administrator. This will bring up a window identifying the version.  Then upgrade the DMA consoles as needed so they are running the same version.

If you are exporting a project from one DMA console and importing it to another, you must bring the two DMA consoles to the same version of DMA before proceeding with the import. When you upgrade the DMA console to the new version, it also upgrades all the existing projects on that machine for use with the new version.  See the Release Notes of the specific DMA version for more information on upgrading DMA. 

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