Why is the RPC Server unavailable when trying to dispatch agents to remote computers? (NETIQKB16581)

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Why is the RPC Server unavailable when trying to dispatch agents to remote computers?

How do I determine the cause of RPC Server unavailability?

How do I restore missing CNAME records?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x
Domain Migration Administrator 8.x

RPC Server is unavailable when trying to dispatch agents to remote computers.

A network issue causes the lack of RPC Server availability.  This issue is out of Domain Migration Administrator scope.

Troubleshooting Recommendations:

  1. Verify whether any on-going KCC replication issues are occuring between any domain controllers in the target environment.  Restarting the NTFRS service may have temporarily resolved these errors.

  2. Verify whether you experienced an issue in DNS when promoting a new domain controller into the forest.  If this issue occured, you would have been unable to allocate a new RID pool or a new identifier.

  3. Verify whether the remote computer is able to locate a Global Catalog server.

  4. Determine whether the AD-integrated DNS is experiencing a problem with SRV records. These records define the resources on the servers.

  5. Query all domain controllers in the domain.  You can use the DNSLint utility.

  6. Determine whether the servers are missing CNAME records for their GUIDs, located in the ._msdcs DNS file of the root domain zone.  If CNAME records are missing, do one of the following:

    • Consult with Microsoft to determine a potential cause for these records not being updated.

    • Manually create the CNAME records and point them to the glue (A) records within the ._msdcs file.

  7. On the agent computers, if it is not already enabled, enable the File and Print Sharing service.

This procedure fixes the replication issues with all domain controllers. It also allows certain domain controllers to once again allocate a new RID pool as they can now locate the RID master. Previously, replication might not have failed completely throughout the enterprise because the domain controllers were able to use WINS servers to facilitate a NetBIOS lookup when the LDAP queries failed.

Note: You can also use the process described under Step 6 to enable Microsoft Windows 2000 to locate servers that host RPC services.

For more information regarding the name resolution process and how Microsoft Windows 2000 locates domain controllers, please see the following Microsoft knowledge base article: 


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