What do all the jobs in the NT Task Scheduler do on the Directory and Resource Administration Server (NETIQKB16219)

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What do all the jobs in the NT Task Scheduler do on the Directory and Resource Administration Server?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x


Information about the jobs that are created in the Scheduled Task are held in the the following key on the Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) server:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mission Critical Software\OnePoint\Administration\Modules\Scheduler\Jobs 

The jobs are as follows:

  • MmReplicateJob:  By default this runs every 4 hours and is the task that replicates the security model information and other settings from the Primary to the Secondary.  The following Knowledge Base article details what multimaster is and what is replicated:  


  • MmSecondaryCacheRefreshJob:  This job is scheduled to run every 4 hours.  This job is in place just in case Multimaster Replication fails to load in the security settings replicated to the Secondary. When the primary replicates the security model to the secondary, it is carried out in the following manner:

    1. The security model and other settings from the Primary DRA server's registry are turned into 6 files.  These files will be located in C:\program files\netiq\dra\Replication on the Primary server.

    2. The 6 files are copied from the Primary DRA server to the Secondary DRA server in the C:\program files\netiq\dra\replication  directory on the Secondary server. 

    3. After the file copy is complete, the Primary DRA server makes a call to the Secondary and tells the Secondary to go ahead and refresh itself and load the 6 files into the Secondary's Registry.  The MmSecondaryCacheRefreshJob is in place just in case this call from the Primary to the Secondary fails in any way.  If the call fails, this job runs every 4 hours and makes sure that the most current security model information is loaded into the registry.

      Please note:  The registry holds a timestamp of the last time a security model changed occurred.  If there has not been a change, replication does not take place.  In other words, we don't copy the files when there is no need to.

  • PingMmServersJob:  This is basically a ping job to make sure that each DRA server can communicate with each other. Again this is schedule by default to go off every 4 hours.

  • ResourceProviderCacheRefresh:  This is the Resource cache and can go off as often as every 30 minutes.  The resource cache refresh is used to determine availability of machines.  To determine the availability of a machine, the list of machines in the Account cache is compared to the list of machines in the browser service.

  • UpdateLicenseStatus: This is scheduled to go off everyday at 5:00 am and determines if you are compliant with your license. 

The reason that you will find all these jobs on both the Primary and the Secondaries, is that a secondary can be promoted to primary mode at anytime and therefore needs to run all these tasks.

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.0 and above no longer uses the NT task scheduler to run these jobs.

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