Can home directories be created on DFS partitions using the Home Directory Automation feature? (NETIQKB15787)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 27-Feb-2008


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Can home directories be created on DFS partitions using the Home Directory Automation feature?

Can home directories be created on NetApp Filers?

Can home directories be created on DFS paths?

Can home directories be created on DFS partitions?


Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) supports creation, deletion and renaming of Home Directories on NetApp Files and DFS paths and partitions beginning on DRA verison 8.1 SP1.  Upgrade to the latest version of DRA for this feature.

For more information on configuring Home Directory policies for NetApp Filers and DFS paths and partitions, see NetIQ Knowledge Base article: NETIQKB70959.


Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB15787

The creation of home directories is not supported on DFS partitions using the Home Directory Automation triggers out of the box for DRA versions 8.1 and earlier.  However, an example trigger is available on the knowledge depot that allows ONLY the creation of home directories on DFS partitions.   The trigger is called 'DFS home directory create' and is found under the Trigger and Policy section of the knowledge depot at:

depot :

This trigger is an example of how to create home directories on a DFS partition using DRA. The .zip file includes 3 triggers as well as a readme doc and the scripts are only for creating and cloning user accounts. The script does not handle DFS paths for renaming and deleting user accounts or for assigning a home directory for an existing user account. With respect to setting Win2k disk quotas, these policies can be set and DRA will set the quota levels when DFS paths are used. However, the quota levels for DFS paths will not display in the GUI or in reports. The Select Case block in DFS-Pre.vbs will need to be edited to provide the appropriate DFS to UNC path mappings. While the example scripts assume the value for home directory provided in the create/clone wizards is a DFS-based path, the value could just as easily be some shortcut like "SalesDFS" that the scripts could translate into both the DFS and UNC paths.

Note:  Example scripts that are provided on NetIQ's Knowledge Depot or referenced in Knowledge Base articles are offered on an "as is" basis, and are not part of the supported product set. Customers should be aware that issues that may arise from their use are not supported by NetIQ Technical Support.  Technical Support also no longer offers assistance with the creation of or advice on creating custom scripts.