What is the Translate Objects screen in the computer migration wizard? (NETIQKB15577)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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What is the Translate Objects screen in the computer migration wizard?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


The Translate Objects screen in the 'Migrate Computers' wizard gives you the option to translate security as the computers are migrated.  This security translation will apply for the users and/or groups that have been migrated on this same Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) console.  The 'Translate Objects' screen lets you select which type of ACLs that security is to be translated on.  This lets you control which type of objects you want to be re-ACL'd.  The 'Security Translation Options' screen lets you select either 'Replace', 'Add', or 'Remove' mode.  The 'Translate Objects' screen also appears in the 'Specify Migration Settings' wizard.


Please refer to the following KB regarding for more information:

NETIQKB10601 - What is the difference between the 'Migrate Computers' wizard and the 'Translate Security Settings' wizard when translating security?

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