New objects cannot be added to a project after upgrading Exchange Migrator (EM) 2.2 with Service Pac (NETIQKB15487)

  • 7715487
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 17-Oct-2007


Exchange Migrator 2.2 SP1

New objects cannot be added to a project after upgrading Exchange Migrator (EM) 2.2 with Service Pack (SP) 1.


When the software is installed in the following order;

  1. Install EM 2.2
  2. Install EM 2.2 SP 1
  3. Install EM Hotfix 13716
  4. Install EM Hotfix 21235

The credentials entered during the SP1 install were not the correct credentials to connect to the EMA database. During the SP1 upgrade process, changes are supposed to be made to the EMA database. If the wrong credentials are entered during the SP1 install, the database upgrade is unsuccessuful.

  1. Close Exchange Migrator.
  2. Open the local registry using Regedt32.
  3. Browse to HKLM\Software\NetIQ\Exchange Migrator.
  4. Change the string value for Version to read 2.2 instead of 2.21.
  5. Close Regedt32.
  6. Reinstall EM SP 1.
  7. Reinstall Hotifx 13716.
  8. Click OK to continue past and ignore the error message:
    • GLJ2E.tmp - Entry Point Not Found
    • The procedure entry point ?GetPublicFolderTree@TMapiProfile@@QAEJPAPAUIVarSet@@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library EMAMapiUtil.dll 
      • This error message is considered a harmless message and does not affect the integrity of the EM install.
  9. Install Hotfix 21235.
  10. Open Exchange Migrator and add new objects.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB15487