How do I modify the project file so that it will not use the NT4 Full Name when migrating? (NETIQKB14535)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I modify the project file so that it will not use the NT4 Full Name when migrating?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) 7.2 now allows you to import information from the 'Migrated Objects' table into the 'Projects Model' table. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Run the Update ADC Accounts wizard.
    • It does not matter which options you select here. If you do not desire to have the Update ADC accounts wizard perform any migration tasks, simply complete the wizard without selecting any options. This will add the mapping information for any 'included' accounts into the DMA Migrated Objects table.
  2. Execute the project.
  3. Select Objects.
  4. Specify Migration Settings, and select Replace and Update Conflicting accounts.
  5. Import modeling data.
    • By default the new behavior in DMA 7.2 is that it will import the information from the Migrated Objects table, which should correspond to the actual live target object. Upon migration, DMA will merge on the existing accounts and re-populate the properties with the same values that already exist.

This is an unsupported workaround that can be used with Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) 7.0 and 7.1, so that DMA will not over-write the existing names when migrating users. This workaround will allow you to update SID History, user rights, passwords, etc. on the user account. The workaround functions with the other DMA tasks, such as computer migration, translation of security, etc. However, there is a GOTCHAs list below that details how licensing behavior is changed. Please note the GOTCHAs mentioned below.


  1. Run the Specify Migration Settings wizard for all projects as you normally would.
  2. Add the following records into the FastTrack table for each project.










  3. When migrating users, check the "Use migration settings defined in the Migration Settings Wizard" checkbox on the Data Source dialog box. This will force the migration to use the FastTrack table settings you entered in step 2.


  1. If you ever run the project's Specify Migration Settings wizard after you set the FastTrack properties (step 2), you must repeat step 2. Running this wizard will void the properties you added, making the sequence in which you follow these steps critical to the success of the workaround.

  2. A value of 29 for the Accounts.OperationMask will run a task internal to DMA called "AR Extension" that will modify the target account's UPN name. It is changed to SourceSAMName@targetdomainDNS.

  3. When the user is migrated, your license will be decremented by 1. If you migrate that user again, your license will be decremented by 1. This behavior is due to the workaround and cannot be avoided.

  4. When you migrate a group after step 2 has been implemented, your license will be decremented by 1. To avoid this, remove these properties before migrating groups. NetIQ recommends that you migrate users first with Step 2, remove the properties from the FastTrack table, and then migrate groups. You may wish to use a script to automate this process. NetIQ is planning to change this functionality in the upcoming Hotfix so that you will not need to remove the properties for group migration.

  5. You should NOT use DMA's Modeling features when employing this workaround.

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