What does Hotfix Q14252 fix for Domain Migration Administrator 7.1? (NETIQKB14252)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


What does Hotfix Q14252 fix for Domain Migration Administrator 7.1?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.1


This hotfix corrects several potential problems when using Domain Migration Administrator:

  • When migrating some Windows NT 4.0 computers and changing their domain affiliation, Domain Migration Administrator may display an Access is Denied error message and not be able to change the domain as needed.
  • When migrating a previously selected account that has been deleted from the source domain, Domain Migration Administrator stopped the migration process. With this hotfix, Domain Migration Administrator skips the account during the migration and logs an error.
  • When translating security on Exchange mailboxes in replace mode, some mailboxes with existing security settings for the target account may not be modified correctly.
  • If you changed only the default logon domain while translating security and you did not translate security for any other objects, Domain Migration Administrator did not always update the default logon domain.
  • This hotfix allows you to use the 'Update Active Directory Connector Accounts' wizard to populate the migrated objects table without selecting any other account update options.
  • When migrating computers, some DNS configurations caused Domain Migration Administrator to list 0 computers due to an unresolved LDAP call.
  • When translating security for migrated accounts, Domain Migration Administrator could reduce the selected accounts to one account in a rare domain configuration.
  • When enabling an ADC account, the 'Update Active Directory Connector Accounts' wizard gives the target account Full Mailbox Access permission, but it does not give the account Read permission.

To install this hotfix, run the DMA7.1 Hotfix 22291.exe file on the computers where Domain Migration Administrator is installed. Hotfix 22291 includes all fixes from Hotfix 14252. For more information, contact Technical Support.


Please contact Technical Support to create a 'Support Request' for any issues you encounter that are not addressed by the User Guide, any Knowledge Base articles found on the website, or current Hotfixes available for download.

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