Can Server Consolidator migrate data to a NAS or Network Appliance target? (NETIQKB13598)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 02-Nov-2007


Can Server Consolidator migrate data to a NAS or Network Appliance target?

Server Consolidator 7.1


Server Consolidator has been tested in migrating data to a NetApp brand appliance.  Server Consolidator has not been tested migrating to other brands of appliances.  The target appliance must support full emulation of NTFS permissions and the APIs used by Server Consolidator.

For more information about consolidation to a NetApp brand appliance, please see Chapter 4 - Consolidating Servers, in the DMA/SC 7.1 User Guide.


Related information: Appendix C of the Domain Migration Administrator / Server Consolidator 7.1 User Guide states:

Domain Migration Administrator allows you to translate security for files, folders, and shares on network appliances. Only network appliances that have full emulation of NTFS and Net Share APIs are supported. The Translate Appliance Security wizard allows you to specify a computer on which to run the agent.

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