The Analyze button is grayed out even though the 'Impact Analysis' report was run. (NETIQKB13507)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 02-Nov-2007


Domain Migration Administrator 7.1

The Analyze button is grayed out even though the 'Impact Analysis' report was run.

This is a known issue with Domain Migration Administrator  7.0 and 7.1


This issue has been resolved in HotFix 35418.  Please apply to correct this issue.  The HotFix can be downloaded from the Support & Services site at or by accessing the following link:


If you are using a version prior to 7.1 we recommend upgrading to 7.1 and applying the latest hotfix. However, if you are unable to upgrade, the following is a workaround other than re-running the Impact Analysis report before every use. Please perform the following procedure in the order written:

  1. If the Analyze feature has been used once,  the 'Impact Analysis' report must be run again to gather all the correct information.
  2. Once the Impact Analysis report has run, close DMA.
  3. Open the Protar.MDB, found in C:\Program Files\NetIQ\DMA folder, with Access 2000.
  4. Right-click theAccountRefs table, select Copy, right-click a blank area within the Tables list and select Copy.
  5. Name the copy "AccountsRef Copy" with the Structure and Data opton selected. Close the Protar database.
  6. Once DMA is opened and the analyze feature is used you will need to reset the data for the next use. This is done by Right-clicking the AccountsRef Copy table, selecting Copy, then Paste.
  7. Enter AccountRefs for the table to be named and select Yes to overwrite the existing AccountsRef table.
  8. This process should be done everytime the Analyze feature is ran.  If security references have been changed then the Impact Analysis report should be rerun and updated.


Evertime the analyze feature is ran the AccountRefs is not properly updated by DMA. This will cause the Analyze button to be disabled when used a second time. With a backup copy of the information, the AccountRefs table, you will be able properly update the information allowing you to rerun the Analyze feature without rerunning the Impact Analysis report.


Please refer to the following Knowledge Base article for more information:

NETIQKB19484  - The Analyze button in the Security Translation wizard is not identifying all the profiles that need to be translated.

And update the version info to be 6.3 and 7.x

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