Users encounter an error when performing an 'Import' or 'Check Out' operation in German language dep (NETIQKB13394)

  • 7713394
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 02-Nov-2007


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 3.0

Users encounter an error when performing an 'Import' or 'Check Out' operation in German language deployments of NetIQ Group Policy Administrator.

NetIQ GPA's 'Import' and 'Check In' features attempt to save the GPO in the database using a date format that is incompatible with the default German SQL date format.


The following is a workaround. Note that this work around is recommended only in cases where NetIQ GPA is the only application using the SQL server.  This is not a recommended solution if other local German language applications are sharing the same SQL server for hosting their databases.

  1. Launch SQL Enterprise Manager using system administrator privileges.
  2. Select the properties of SQL Server.
  3. Select the Server Settings Tab.
  4. Select the 'Allow modifications to be made directly to the system catalog' check box.
  5. Navigate to Master Database.
  6. Open the syslanguages table and change the date format of the corresponding language (in this case German) to ?mdy?.
  7. Stop and restart the SQL server for the setting to be effected.


This issue is resolved with Hotfix Q26953B.  To install the Hotfix, run the GPA300000_HotfixQ26953B.exe file on the computers that have the GPA Consoles (MMC snap-ins) installed.

This Hotfix modifies the following files on the computers that have the GPA Console:

  • faADContainerInterface.dll
  • faAdmin.dll
  • faDBContainerInterface.dll
  • fagpr.dll
  • faGpReport.dll
  • faGPRInterface.dll
  • faPAnalysis.dll
  • GpoSummary.rpt
  • PolicyAuditing.dll
  • SnapInEncapsulation.dll
  • faGPRScrObj.dll

By default, these files are located in the C:\Program Files\NetIQ\Group Policy Administrator\Bin folder.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB13394