What user interfaces are available with Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x? (NETIQKB12892)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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What user interfaces are available with Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x


The user interfaces for Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) and Exchange Administrator (ExA) address a variety of administration needs. These interfaces include:

  • Web Console Provides access to common account administration tasks through a browser-based interface. The simple interface allows the occasional administrator to easily perform everyday administration tasks. Because the Web Console can be installed on client computers running a variety of operating systems with Internet Explorer, you can broadly deploy this interface throughout your company.
  • MMC Interface Provides access to all the DRA and ExA administration capabilities to manage your Windows NT or Windows 2000 domains. Through the MMC interface, you can extend your security model, configure cache refreshes, synchronization schedules, perform all account and resource management tasks, and manage Exchange mailboxes. This interface addresses enterprise management needs from basic administration to the enforcement of advanced business rules and policy.
  • Directory and Resource Reporting Lets you view and print reports about Administration activities so you can review task activities. Directory and Resource Reporting also lets you create HTML reports you can view on your Intranet, from a web browser, or with the Web Console.
  • Command Line Interface Lets you to perform DRA and ExA operations from the command line. Through the CLI, you can manage multiple objects with a single command.
  • User-Developed InterfacesYou can create your own interfaces using the Directory and Resource Administrator Software Development Kit (DRA SDK). For more information about creating custom applications and user interfaces, see the SDK Help.

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