How do I retrieve a specific user property using the OnePoint ADSI Provider? (NETIQKB12835)

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How do I retrieve a specific user property using the OnePoint ADSI Provider?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


You can retrieve specific properties from in-process objects. For example, you can retrieve the UserName property while a user account on the Administration server creates a new user account.  Whenever possible, get properties that are resident in the domain cache. An uncached property takes longer to get because the Administration server must retrieve the property from the Active Directory. If you are getting many uncached properties, this delay may significantly impact the performance of your script.

The following syntax retrieves specific user properties:


Where PropertyName specifies the name of the property value you want to retrieve. To retrieve command line arguments, specify CmdLine for the PropertyName.

To get the scriptPath property for the John Doe user account, use the following Visual Basic code:

Dim objUser As IADs
Dim myscriptPath As String
Set objUser = GetObject("OnePoint://cn=John Doe,cn=Users,DC=central,DC=com")
myscriptPath = objUser.Get("scriptPath")
Debug.Print myscriptPath

The above information is also documented in the Directory and Resource Administrator Software Development Kit.

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