How is the Undo task limit field handled before and after a migration? (NETIQKB12764)

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How is the Undo task limit field handled before and after a migration?

How does the Undo task limit field work?

How do I configure the number of migration tasks the product saves?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


Before you run any migration tasks, check the value of the Undo task limit field on the Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) Advanced Settings window. The Undo task limit field specifies how many tasks DMA saves. These tasks can be saved only if the task history is saved in the DMA database.

Note: DMA saves each task you perform, including some tasks that cannot be undone, such as selecting objects and generating reports. Ensure you set the Undo task limit field to a large enough value to save the important migration tasks that you may need to undo.

If you perform more tasks in a single project than the specified undo limit, the oldest task is deleted from the database. This process helps prevent the database from growing excessively large. However, to ensure you can undo tasks as needed, set the Undo task limit field to as large a value as possible in your environment.

For more information about the "undo" function, see NetIQ Knowledge Base article NETIQKB43854: "How does DMA handle the "undo" function?"

This information is also available in the User Guide for Domain Migration Administrator and Server Consolidator.

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