Time and date stamp are changed to current time when migrating files with Server Consolidator. (NETIQKB12293)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


Server Consolidator 7.1

Time and date stamp are changed to current time when migrating files with Server Consolidator.

The Modified date is an attribute of the source file, and as such, the source file is copied to the target server with this attribute intact.  The file is created on the target server, and the creation date of the file on the target server is the date and time that the file was created on the target server by the migration process.  This is a function of the file system and therefore cannot be changed.


The expected behavior is that the modified date and time of the source file will be copied to the target file, without being updated to reflect the current date.  If a file with the same name exists in the target directory, Server Consolidator compares the date and time on the source and target files as explained in Appendix D of the User Guide.  Server Consolidator uses the Windows Backup API, which maintains the modified date attribute of the file or folder.  The created date of the target file or folder will be the date of the migration.

Server Consolidator is working as designed. 

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