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What is the best practice for migrating remote computers that are infrequently connected to the network?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.1


The best practice will depend on your environment. RPC communication is required for many of the processes involved in migration. RPC functions well when the recommended bandwidth of 128 Kbps is maintained.  When the connection bandwidth is sufficient, you can migrate over a high speed connection. For computers that are connected to the DMA console by a lower speed WAN, we recommend that you configure DMA using the following procedure:

  1. Select Domain Migration Administrator in the left pane of the MMC.
  2. Right click Domain Migration Administrator.
  3. Select View.
  4. Select DMA Advanced Settings.
  5. Select the checkbox for Dispatching Agents to Computers over a WAN link.

Remote computers will need to be handled individually through planning, communication, and coordination. Contact the user to see when he or she will be connected to the network. Set a time to migrate the user's laptop.  We recommend that you perform security translation on all shared network resources before migrating the remote computer.  We recommend that you run your old and new environments in parallel until all the remote users are migrated.

Please note that this information can also be obtained from Appendix C of the 'DMA and SC User Guide' under the heading 'Remote Users'.

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