How do I generate a report to display the 'Department' and 'Manager' fields for all user accounts? (NETIQKB11783)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


How do I generate a report to display the 'Department' and 'Manager' fields for all user accounts?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) Reporting tool does not have a built-in report to display the Department and\or the Manager field for a user account.  However, a custom report can be created in the DRA Reporting Tool, which displays the Department and Manager field of all user accounts.  In order to create a custom report to display this information, please perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the 'Directory and Resource Reporting Tool'.
  2. Select Enter Design Mode from the File drop down menu.
  3. Select Tables from the Objects list.
  4. Select UserFields and click Open.
  5. Select the Import and AlwaysImport checkboxes for the 'Department' and 'Manager' fields.
  6. Select Save from the File drop down menu.
  7. Select Exit from the File drop down menu.
  8.  Launch the Directory and Resource Reporting interface, ensure that User account details is selected, and perform an Import.
  9. When the import is complete, close the 'Import' screen.
  10. Select Enter Design Mode from theFile drop down menu.
  11. Select Queries from the Objects list.
  12. Select Create query in Design view and click Open.
  13. Select USERS from the list under the 'Tables' tab in the 'Show Table' dialog box.
  14. Click Add | Close.
  15. Double-click cn, department, and manager from the list in the USERS window.
  16. Select Save As from the File drop down menu, name the query "Department and Manager", and click OK.
  17. Select Close from the File menu.
  18. Select Reports from the Objects list.
  19. Select Create report by using wizard and click Design.
  20. Select Query: Department and Manager from the 'Tables/Queries' drop down list.
  21. Click the> button to move the 'CN','Manager', and 'Department' fields to the Selected Fields: box and click Next.
  22. Continue with the wizard, customizing the report format as needed.  Notice that you can set the  grouping levels for ease of viewing, sorting by 'CN', by 'Department', or by 'Manager'.
  23. When the formatting of the report is complete, click Finish to view the report.
  24. Select Save from the File drop down menu.
  25. Select Exit from the File drop down menu.

Creation and troubleshooting custom reports is beyond the scope of NetIQ Technical Support.  The above information is provided as is.

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