Mailbox migrations are being skipped because the mailboxes are colliding with the source objects. (NETIQKB11661)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 17-May-2008


Migrating E5.5 to E5.5 site to site (E5.5 Intra-Org).

Exchange Migrator 2.x

Exchange Migrator 1.x

Mailbox migrations are being skipped because the mailboxes are colliding with the source objects.


The configuration of the Microsoft Exchange environment is causing Exchange Migrator (EM) to think it is in the wrong migration scenario.  EM wants to migrate inter-org when in fact the actual migration is intra-org.


If Exchange Migrator thinks this is an inter-org migration, perform the following checks:

  1. Open the Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Admin tool on the machine where Exchange Migrator is installed.
  2. Start one instance of the Exchange 5.5 admin to connect to the source server, and another instance to connected to the target server.
  3. Place the windows side-by-side and compare the site lists, are they completely identical?
  4. Expand the sites one at a time to check the server lists. Comparing the number and names of the servers in each site, are there any discrepancies?
  5. If there are any discrepancies please see the Microsoft knowledgebase for information about how to correct these issues.
  6. Open the project in Exchange Migrator, and in the middle of the window it will display the source and target server information.  Is the organization name specified correctly for both the source and target servers in regards to capitilization?  Example, is the source server saying the organization name is "ORGANIZATION" where as the target server thinks the organization name is "Organization"? It is important that they both agree that the organization name is identical (including capitalization).

When all discrepancies have been resolved, create a new project and Exchange Migrator will be able to determine the actual migration scenario.  The migration should no longer conflict with the source objects.

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