Unable to see Public Folders (PF) from the source Organization in the Select Mail Objects wizard. (NETIQKB11599)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 24-Aug-2007


Exchange Migrator 1.x

Exchange Migrator 2.x

Unable to see Public Folders (PF) from the source Organization in the Select Mail Objects wizard.

When clicking the 'Add' button to select public folders, it does not do anything, the EM MMC crashes, or you can see only a limited set of Public Folders.


This issue can be cause by the following:

  • The DAPI implementation used to collect the PF list is not returning the correct information. (Addressed in EM SP1 Hotfix 21235).
  • Exchange Migrator is project based and can only migrate objects that are homed in the source site of the project.

    e.g.The PFs below are a sub folders of each other.


    PF1 is homed on a server in Site A
    PF2 is homed on a server in Site B
    PF3 is homed on a server in Site A
    PF4 is homed on a server in Site B

    When you create a project with site A as a source you will only see PF1 & PF3.
    When you create a project with site B as a source you will only see PF2 & PF4.

    Although PF2 and PF4 are subfolders they will appear in the selection screen as root level folders if they are the first PF homed in that site under other PFs from another site.
  • The folder path is not listed on the public folder properties.
  • Multiple periods in the public folder names.(Not an issue after EM 2.2 SP1)
  • Exchange Migrator uses the Microsoft Exchange Administrator's software dynamic link libraries to connect to the source public information store.
  • You do not have Owner permissions on the source public folders. (Not an issue after EM 2.2 SP1)
  • You do not have permission to view the Public Folders via a MAPI client.


To resolve this issue:

  • Verify that all installation requirements of Exchange Migrator have been met, specifically the Exchange 5.5 Administrator tool (use the one from the Exchange 2000 CD if the target is Exchange 2000).

If installing Hotfix 21235 does not resolve your issue, here are some other possible resolutions:

  • To successfully migrate all Public Folders from different servers:
    1. Re-home all PFs to a designated source site, (this will allow all PFs to be migrated in a single project) or you may set up individual projects on a per site basis as required by mailbox migrations.  The process of re-homing PFs will not necessarily lessen the number of Projects needed to complete the migration, but it may provide a more straight forward approach to the PF migration.
  • To verify the Public Folder path variable: 
    1. Locate a Public Folder that you cannot add/see in Exchange Migrator using the Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Administrator.
    2. View the Public Folder Raw Properties:
      1. Highlight the Public Folder in question and click File | Raw Properties.
    3. Select All in the List attribute of Type drop down menu
    4. Locate the Folder-Pathname attribute in the Object Attributes box.
      1. Most likely the attribute value is blank. In order for Exchange Migrator to view the object, you need to fill in the path of the object. For example, if the public folder is called C and is a subfolder of A and B, the attribute value for the folder pathname needs to be A\B\C.
    5. Once the correct folder pathname is in place you will be able to view and select the Public Folder in Exchange Migrator.   
  • Prior to Service Pack 1, in order to be able to select Public Folders you must have the Owner role on each source Public Folder that you are tyring to migrate.

Please note that this information can also be obtained from Chapter 5 of the product User Guide.

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